The Gough map c 1390s ? symposium 2 Nov 2015

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An excellent all day conference on the construction, dating and content of the Gough map was held at the Bodleain  Library,Oxford. This map of England Scotland and Wales is remarkable in that, apart from one of Italy of about 1425, such  general maps of countries are very rare in the European history of cartography. The speakers included not only map historians conservators and  paleographers  but  those developing 3D scanning of museum materials, Raman spectroscopy and hyperspectral anlysis as applied to early maps. Inveitably the symposium provided more questions than answers but a picture of the map made in the mid to late 14th century and then updated possibly twice in certain respects in the early to mid fifteenth century emerged. The organisers will be contiuing their researches and if you are interested please get in touch with Nick Millea.