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Although the cartography education started only in 1955 on the Faculty of Science, there has been several great geodesy and geographer scientist on the EÖTVÖS Loránd University since it's foundation in 1635 in the town of Nagyszombat, Slovakia by Cardinal Péter PÁZMÁNY.
In 1953 the Department of Cartography was built up, two years after the first third-year students with the major of geography or geology could start their cartography studies here.
As few years went by the number of students had been growing significantly with the distance learners who already had working experience on the fields of civil or military mapping. In accordance with the general universal education reform in the beginning of the 70-s the teaching had changed. The cartographer education remained a three-year-long teaching in the syllabus but the previously existed geography basic training had changed into a four-semester-long earth sciences basic education together with the geologist and geophysicist students.
The Hungarian education law in 1986 made it possible that the cartographer training could start as a ten-semester-long education in the academic year of 1988-1989.
Until recently about 500 students have got cartography diploma at EÖTVÖS Loránd University. The PhD program started in 1994, up to the present (2020) 42 people awarded this degree. The department became an institute in 2020.

Research activities:
- thematic cartography (electronic atlases)
- mathematics in cartography (projections, optimal distortions)
- internet and mapping (webcartography, hypermedia)
- theoretical cartography (history of cartography, toponymy)
- working in the commissions of the International Cartographic Association (ICA)

Educational activities:
- general cartography, thematic cartography
- computer cartography GIS
- geodesy, GPS, Projections

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