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RENEWAL of ISHMap - from 2018

Our roadmap is based on: renewal of membership, online election, new form and structure and scholarly projects.

How the Emergency escalated - Read these documents carefully and make your own opinion.

  • Chair's message to all Members (November 22, 2017) "The circumstances force me to turn to the membership of the Society because of an emergency situation in the short life of ISHMap. I would like to inform you about the current situation, as well as I ask for your support in the renewal and transformation of our Society.... to read more click here.
  • Message to Trustees and Members about the cancellation of the AGM in Belo Horizonte (July 7, 2017) for the serious problems of membership status the Chair postponed the meeting and suggested public discussion about the renewal - read it here
  • Chair's letter to Council (April 10, 2017) Members of Council were informed about the series of unfortunate events, leading to possible disintegration, and their support and assitance was asked. Read that letter here.


ISHMap Symposium Guidelines

Why a Society? The consensus  in 2011:

"To advance the study of the history of maps in all societies and over all periods of time by promoting the education of the general public in the subject, by promoting communication between members and others interested in the subject,  by promoting the research, teaching and funding of the subject. These tasks will be carried out by the members of the society or in association with relevant organizations, by means of publications, conferences, seminars, courses and other suitable methods, at  any university or other institution (e.g., library, archive or museum) worldwide."  Objectives of the International Society for the History of the Map (ISHMap, 2011)
Note: Internal society documents are available online for members in the Members' Area.

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