Donating to the Society

As a new society ISHM is in need of a solid financial basis and we are grateful if you consider donating to the Society. The easiest way to support us is to become a Member and we are happy if you would  do some volunteer work for us.

Beyond people and time we still need to raise funds for our special projects, for our 2012 symposium and for the new grants and awards in Map History we would like to offer for map historians, young researchers worldwide and scholars working in developing countries.

Any financial help is appreciated. We are grateful if you would pay a little more than the membership fee. Donators falling in the donation categories below will be acknowledged on the Society's website and their names will be listed there, unless they would like to make an anonymous donation.

For more information please, contact the Treasurer .

Categories of Donations

BENEFACTORS (giving £1000 and over)

SPONSORS (giving £500 to £999)

CONTRIBUTORS (giving £100 to £499)

FRIENDS (giving £ 50 to £ 99)


The International Society for the History of the Map is the only international learned society for the interdisciplinary field of map history with growing membership already representing various academic disciplines ( history, geography, art history, cartography, cultural history, visulal studies), libraries and map collections, map collectors and map related organizations and institutions worldwide. Sponsoring the society is a way to support us and, at the same time, promote your company, your activities or products.

We can offer you different sponsorship options from logo visibility on our website to branding in different Society activities. The Executive Committee is delighted to consider applications which are related to the Society's objectives.

For more information please, contact the Trustees at: contact.ishm@gmail.com