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Sarah Tyacke (Chair), Sonali Siriwardena (Treasurer), Merve Senem Arkan (Secretary), Thomas Horst, Antti Jakobsson, Petra Svatek, Matthew Edney, Gilles Palsky, Catherine Delano-Smith, Junia Furtado, Emmanuelle Vagnon

ISHMap Council from June 13, 2014

Honorary Officers and Trustees:

  • Zsolt G. Török (Hungary), Trustee and Chair,
  • Sarah Tyacke (UK),Trustee and Secretary, 
  • Sonali Siriwardena (UK),Trustee and Treasurer


  • Catherine Delano Smith (UK),
  • Matthew Edney (USA),
  • Junia Furtado (Brasil)
  • Thomas Horst (Portugal),
  • Leif Isaksen (UK)
  • Antti Jacobson (Finland)
  • Gilles Palsky (France)

ISHM Council from 2013

ISHM Council from June 30, 2012

Honorary Officers and Trustees:

  • Zsolt G. Török, Trustee and Chair,
  • Sarah Tyacke,Trustee and Secretary, 
  • Sonali Siriwardena,Trustee and Treasurer


  • Catherine Delano Smith (UK),
  • Joost Depuydt (Belgium), 
  • Matthew Edney ( USA),
  • Thomas Horst (Germany),
  • Gilles Palsky ( France),
  • Leif Isaksen (UK)


The ISHM Executive Committee from December 1, 2011 to June 30, 2012

(biographical details are below)

Chair: Zsolt G. Török

Secretary: Sarah J. Tyacke

Treasurer: Sonali Siriwardena

Here we go ....

The above are Honorary Trustees who were elected by the Founding Meeting on December 1, 2011 for the period up to the first Annual General meeting, to be held in Budapest on 30 June 2012, at which time Trustees and Officers will be elected for the following full period.


Zsolt Győző Török

Associate Professor of Cartography and Geoinformatics, Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, and Director of Imago Mundi Ltd.. He Graduated in cartography (MSc) and philosophy (MA,) and received his PhD in 1990. His research interests lie in Renaissance cosmography and cartography ( in the context of Habsburg border defence during the Turkish wars); early modern and Enlightenment cartography in Central Europe; and the 19-20th century exploration and mapping of the Libyan Desert. In his private workshop he revived the art of map and globe making and created original technology editions of important early maps and globes. He organized international conferences, symposiums and exhibitions, including the International Map Collectors’ Society’s International Symposium (1997), the 21st International Conference on the History of Cartography (2005) and the ‘Sacred Places on Maps’ exhibition in (2005). He is a contributor to the History of Cartography series. His recent fellowships and awards: David Woodward Research Fellowship, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison (2007-2008); Mellon Fellowship at the Villa I Tatti, The Harvard University Center for Italian Renaissance Studies, Florence (2008-2009), he was presented with the IMCoS Helen Wallis Award  in 2009.He has been Chair of the Founding Group for ISHM since 2009.


Sarah J. Tyacke

Former Chief Executive of the National Archives of England and Wales 1992-2005. She began her career in maps as Assistant Keeper in the Map Room of the British Museum and later became director of Special Collections in the British Library. She is now an international archival consultant and runs the annual map seminars for the London Rare Book School with Catherine Delano Smith. She is also an associate editor of volume 4 of the History of Cartography, chair of the Harley Trustees which funds researchers in map history, a director of Imago Mundi Ltd and President of the International Map Collectors Society (IMCoS). She writes on English chart making 1550-1750 and specifically on the charts in the Arcano del Mare drawn and published by Robert Dudley in 1648.


Sonali Siriwardena

Solicitor based in London and a Vice President in Morgan Stanley. She is also a qualified lawyer in her native Sri Lanka. She completed her postgraduate degree in International Law at the University of Bristol in 2006. Sonali’s interest in the history of cartography began with her curiosity in ancient maps of Ceylon. She has completed the course on A History of Maps and Map-making conducted by the London Rare Books School of the University of London and she is a member of the Executive Committee of the International Map Collector’s Society.