2018 Membership Renewal

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2018 Renewal Process: Please, note that this is a simple two-step procedure - however your are expected to read the explanations and instructions carefully. If you have any question regarding registration or donation, or you need assistance contact the ISHMap Membership Secretary at: membership.secretary.ishm@gmail.com

Step 1  Membership Renewal / Application for new membership

  • Already a Member?  Read these instructions carefully: please log in our website with your user name and password and update the information on your Personal Account/ Registration Form: tick the box to confirm that you would like to remain a member in the renewed ISHMap and enter your e-mail for future correspondence. Please note that some accounts have been already cancelled. If you can not log in with your former user credentials you may simply re-register or contact us. Your membership remains continous.

  • Members who may NOT wish to continue with us have nothing to do - but they can renew any time after the election.

  • Would you like to join us as a new member?   We are an open society and all are welcome - please, fill in the online Registration Form.


  • Your ISHMap membership is considered valid, and you are a VOTING Member, only if you renew and make payment before January 21, 2017.
  • Voting members will have the right to be nominated and elected, each member will have one vote at the online election, and they decide on society matters.

Step 2   Donation/ 2018 Membership fee

To confirm your registered identiy and also to demonstrate that you are committed to a democratic ISHMap we ask you to donate a nominal fee by PayPal. The small donations of EURO 10 are collected by the Membership Secretary - until a new Treasurer is available and the Society can control its accounts. This small amount we consider is your 2018 membership fee (or part of it - in case members of the renewed society decided a higher fee and/or different membership categories).

The amount collected this way may be used to cover any cost the renewal process may imply - although we all work as volunteers and no personal payment will be made. All money we collect from our supporters will be properly accounted for, and transferred to the renewed society account after a new administration is set up. Your payment also demonstrates that you support an independent, international academic society and you prefer democracy with free speach and equal rights. Thank you very much for your understanding.

Please, do NOT send membership fee to any other fraudulent account if you would like to be an ISHMap member in 2018. 

You do not need to have a PayPal account to support us- you can use all major credit cards to make a secure payment via PayPal. For more information see here.

What happens after your registration / payment?

  • Your pending member (User) Account on the ISHM website will be valid after your donation/deposit is received and confirmed.
  • After the acceptance of your membership renewal/application you will receive an e-mail notification with information how to log in the website and you will have access to Members' Area content (with information on the election and the renewal process).
  • Pls, allow a few days for administration procedure - we are all volunteers who feel responsibility but have limited time.

Please, consider supporting ISHMap. For more information on donating/sponsoring ISHMap please, see this page.