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A Society publication was considered already by the Founding Group and the Newsletter box was in the menu of the website from the very beginning. In the 2013 Annual Report the Chairman suggested it to the membership and he repeated his suggestion in 2014.

'Despite all problems we are on the right track to complete Society’s mission. As an international academic society we should build and promote a strong identity represented by
our website and service, we should increase our membership, we should organize international scholarly meetings and cooperate with other organizations in the organization
of interdisciplinary conferences.As an academic society we should also have an own forum for our societal and scholarly works and perhaps this is high time to start the publication of our ISHMap Newsletter. The Chair repeats his proposal of last year and this year suggests the title ‘Mappa Mundi,’ which would best reflect both the Society and our scholarly field.'

(2014 Annual Report)

The Newsletter project was considered by the 2014 Annual General Meeting in Paris and the membership supported the idea and accepted the proposal.

13.5 A newsletter which might include the proceedings or a report of the Symposia held was also recommended. This was regarded as essential and urgent. It should not be too ambitious to start with, i.e. twice a year would be reasonable for a start. The Council was asked to take into account these suggestions and to see if it would be possible to find an editor and maybe form an editorial group to take forward the idea of a newsletter. Peter Barber pointed out that a newsletter might find favour with institutions who might then join up.

Excerpt from the Report of the 2014 AGM: